About TOGAF® 9*

TOGAF® 9 is an industry standard architecture framework that may be used freely by any organization wishing to develop an information systems architecture for use within that organization.


TOGAF® 9 has been developed and continuously evolved since the mid-90’s by representatives of some of the world’s leading IT customer and vendor organizations, working in The Open Group’s Architecture Forum. Details of the Forum, and its plans for evolving TOGAF® 9 in the current year, are given on the Architecture Forum web site.


About TOGAF Version 9 Enterprise Edition


TOGAF Version 9 Enterprise Edition (“TOGAF 9” for short) is a detailed method and set of supporting resources for developing an Enterprise Architecture. Developed and endorsed by the membership of The Open Group’s Architecture Forum , TOGAF® 9 represents an industry consensus framework and method for Enterprise Architecture that is available for use internally by any organization around the world – members and non-members of The Open Group alike – subject to license conditions – see Downloading TOGAF 9


As a comprehensive, open method for Enterprise Architecture, TOGAF® 9 complements, and can be used in conjunction with, other frameworks that are more focused on specific aspects of architecture or for vertical sectors such as Government, Defense, and Finance.


About TOGAF® 9 Certification


Certification from The Open Group provides customers with assurance that products and services conform to open standards. This assurance enables market growth, and benefits both customers and vendors alike.


In the Architecture field, The Open Group has added the TOGAF® 9 certification program. The purpose of TOGAF® 9 certification in order to ensure the consistent application and usage of TOGAF® 9 throughout the industry, and so protect the value of TOGAF® 9 to its users.


An introduction to the TOGAF® 9 certification program is available on the TOGAF® 9 certification web site.


Why is TOGAF® 9 Certification Important?


IT customer organizations who wish to base their enterprise architecture work on the open, industry standard of TOGAF® 9, will be able to procure tools, training, and professional services on the basis of certified conformance with the TOGAF® 9 standards.


The existence of a certification program for TOGAF® 9 provides an even stronger incentive for organizations (both private and public sector) to standardize on this open method for Enterprise Architecture, and so avoid lock-in to proprietary methods.


It is an important step in making Enterprise Architecture a well-recognized discipline, and in introducing rigor into the procurement of tools and services for Enterprise Architecture.


Why Become Certified?


For architecture service providers and tools vendors, the new certification program provides a way to demonstrate clearly how their services and products support the Enterprise Architect using TOGAF® 9 .


For individual Enterprise Architects, TOGAF® 9 certification demonstrates clearly to employers and peers their commitment to their profession as a discipline. In particular, it demonstrates that they possess a body of core knowledge about TOGAF® 9 as an open, industry standard framework and method for Enterprise Architecture.


The Open Group publishes the definitive register of TOGAF® 9 certified individuals, and certified service and product offerings, and issues certificates that can be used by vendors in promotion.