Case Study: Al Rajhi Bank & BiZZdesign

Al Rajhi Bank is under constant pressure to meet the ever-changing expectations of customers. This requires a new digital strategy. Al Rajhi Bank established an Enterprise Architec­ture team in 2015 to support the realization of this strategy. This team focuses on the modeling of as-is and to-be architec­tures that facilitate change projects and give insight into the relevance of legacy systems.

The Challenge:

Realizing the digital strategy in a new banking era

To realize the new digital strategy, Al Rajhi Bank initiated a num­ber of large business change programs, such as the introduction of digital services and the modernization of the core-banking system. A complete overview of all data, applications and pro­cesses was necessary to analyze the impact of change.

Al Rajhi Bank knew that they could speed up the development of architectures and the realization of change projects with the help of standards such as ArchiMate® and TOGAF®, and a com­patible software platform.

The Solution:

A business design platform with strong roots in EA

Al Rajhi Bank chose BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio, a solu­tion available via JODAYN, a Saudi IT consultancy.

“We wanted more than just a software tool. We needed a partner to support and advise us in establishing a high-performance EA practice. JODAYN and BiZZdesign help us to truly benefit from all the elements of the software platform”, ARB Senior Enterprise Architect

The architects at Al Rajhi Bank use Enterprise Studio to model the enterprise, data, application and business architectures of the organization. These will be used as a foundation for impact of change analysis and presented to different stakeholders. In the future, they will also connect the business processes with the project portfolios.

“ I would like to thank BiZZdesign and JODAYN for the successful implementation. Enterprise Studio is a great solution. We look forward to working together in the future to achieve our business goals”,  ARB Head of Enterprise Architecture

First results

Migration of existing EA models and documentation

The first enterprise architecture models were created in Visio and Excel. The EA team were able to easily import these models into Enterprise Studio according to the ArchiMate® Meta Model and BIAN reference model. Within three months, all the existing models were migrated.

Learning how to use the software, modeling languages and frameworks

During the implementation of the software and the migration of all existing architecture models, JODAYN and BiZZdesign trained the architecture team in the use of ArchiMate®, TOGAF® and Enterprise Studio. This motivated and inspired the team to quickly start working with the software.

To track and report the progress of the project, the project team used BiZZdesign software. The migration stream includes different sub-streams and reflected the progress by colouring the circles (now green). Those had iterative actions which was the reason for the graphical shape of the circles.

About BiZZdesign

BiZZdesign is a software company that supports organizations in designing business change. A global organization with 1,000+ customers in six continents and offices in many countries across the globe. Analysts recognize BiZZdesign as a market leader with class-leading products.

Founded in 2000 as a spin-off from an applied R&D institute, has strong roots in research and innovation. BiZZdesign products are based on expertise in business design and change. The BiZZdesign team of consultants provides the company with the latest information on customer needs and market trends.