Business Architecture Domain Deep Dive Workshop

This workshop focuses on the Business Architecture (BA) Domain.The workshop walks through the development of the key domain catalogs, matrices, and diagrams. It also reviews the related TOGAF® metamodel entities.


This workshop provides a working knowledge of key TOGAF® BA artifacts that comprise the BA building blocks.


The target audience for this workshop includes but is not limited to:

§ Architects new to TOGAF® who are looking to understand how to apply TOGAF®

§ Organizations that have adopted TOGAF® and looking for practical methods and techniques to adopt TOGAF®


A prior knowledge of TOGAF® is required. TOGAF® 9 Certified (WA1815) is recommended.


1 day.


§ Walkthrough/develop key BA catalogs

§ Walkthrough/develop key BA matrices

§ Walkthrough/develop key BA diagrams