Communication Skills

Course Aim

To highlight a range of skills and strategies in order to improve the impact of your face to face and telephone communications.



Course Objectives

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • State the components of the Communication Cycle;


  • Identify potential barriers to effective communication and basic solutions;


  • Identify your own Behavioural Style and recognise how to effectively deal with other styles;


  • State the impact of your verbal, vocal and non-verbal communication;


  • Identify your current verbal predicates (preferred use of word styles);


  • State the impact of your vocal inflections on others;


  • State some basic good practice in relation to your body language;


  • Identify what is meant by ‘rapport’ and how you can build it into your communication with others;


  • State a range of questioning styles and demonstrate good practice in posing effective questions;


  • Identify the importance of active listening;


  • Identify some of the reasons why people can be ‘difficult’ to deal with;


  • Identify your top tips for dealing with difficult people and challenging conversations;


  • Note key learning points and any specific activities on your Action Plan.



Style of the Course

A mixture of training methods will be used including group activities and exercises, group discussion, some individual work, action planning and direct input from the Trainer.




1 Day.