Developing an Effective Team

Course Aim

To highlight a range of ideas, strategies and techniques that can assist in and developing an effective team.



Course Objectives

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Identify your 7C’s of developing an effective team and why you chose them;


  • Discuss the Adair Model of Action Centred Leadership (Task, Team and Individual);


  • Identify what, in relation to the Adair Model, an effective leader should do for each part and what more you might do;


  • State the different stages of team development in relation to the Tuckman Model and where your team is right now;


  • State some of the key motivation factors in the workplace based on well-respected theories;


  • Identify what you can do to create the most motivational working environment;


  • Highlight a range of ways to deal with conflict situations;


  • Identify the main ‘Virtues’ and ‘Villains’ of leadership behaviours and honestly appraise yourself against them;


  • Discuss and develop a range of ‘needs’ for the Team and the Leader which are essential for success;


  • Note key learning points and any specific activities on your Action Plan.



Style of the Course

A mixture of training methods will be used including group activities and exercises, group discussion, some individual work, action planning and direct input from the Trainer.




1 Day.