Emotional Intelligence

Course Aim

To highlight key principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and how you might use them to develop your own abilities relating to EI. 



Course Objectives

By the end of the session you will be able to:


  • Define specifically what Emotional Intelligence is;


  • Identify the characteristics of Emotionally Intelligent people (as defined by EI expert Daniel Goleman);


  • Discuss where you believe your current levels of EI are against these characteristics;


  • State a range of ways that you can develop your own Emotional Intelligence;


  • Identify what you believe are your ‘Values’ and select your most importance one;


  • Explore the implications of your current key ‘Value’ and whether it is serving you well or causing you issues;


  • State where you will focus your efforts with Emotional Intelligence personally and why;


  • Identify how you might apply Emotional Intelligence within your workplace and why;


  • Note key learning points and any specific activities on your Action Plan.



Style of the Course

A mixture of training methods will be used including group activities and exercises, group discussion, some individual work, action planning and direct input from the Trainer.




4 Days.