Information Governance

Create an information accountability framework that reduces costs, manages risk, and optimizes value.

In this era of social, mobile, cloud and big data, your information assets are growing faster than you can digest them. Struggle no more! This course provides a dynamic framework that allows for constant changes in regulations, business, and technology. Most of all, it demonstrates the value of governance to all of your stakeholders.


AIIM’s Information Governance course is designed to ensure the effective and efficient use of information in achieving organizational goals. The course content is applicable across all industries, and is independent of any particular technology or vendor solution.

Who should take this course

IT, compliance officers, legal staff, records management personnel, archivists, consultants, and other information  professionals who are planning to establish or improve your information governance program. You’ll acquire the necessary skills to:

  • Design a pragmatic framework for managing information assets
  • Improve how information is captured, shared, accessed, stored, and disposed of
  • Reduce storage and legal costs
  • Save time and money through greater interoperability and standardized components
  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance

Course content

This course contains the following modules:

  1. Management Program (MP) for Information Management – Understanding the Context
  2. MP for Information Management – Planning
  3. MP for Information Management – Support
  4. MP for Information Management – Operations
  5. MP For Information Management – Performance Evaluation 6. Information Governance – Components/1
  6. Information Governance – Components/2
  7. Information Governance – Associated Technologies/1
  8. Information Governance – Associated Technologies/2
  9. Information Governance – IM Instruments

Registration Information

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