ITIL® Expert Boot Camp – Lifecycle track

An accelerated Bootcamp covering all 5 ITIL Lifecycle modules using innovative learning methods and energized classroom sessions.

This intensive Program allows practitioners to Fast-Track in completing five ITIL Lifecycle modules; ITIL Service Strategy (SS), Service Design (SD), Service Transition (ST), Service Operation (SO), and Continual Service Improvement (CSI).

The combination of 40 hours instructor-supported e-learning and classroom course allows students to manage study time whilst reducing the number of classroom days from 15 days to only 10 days.

Courseware is designed using an engaging, scenario-based approach to learning the core disciplines of ITIL best practices. Exams can be taken after the course at a convenient time after the course to allow additional study time.

Program Benefits

§ Accelerated path to Certification: The normal path to completing 5 Lifecycle modules requires all courses to be completed in 15 days . This Fast-Track Lifecycle Bootcamp is a definite path to Certification that presents you 15 credits to ITIL Expert after completing a 10-day classroom Bootcamp, 40 hours of self paced e-learning and passing the Certification exams. Reduced travel, lodging and classroom days make this attractive.

§ Innovation in Design: Innovative use of e-learning for the theoretical components of the course allows you to study in your own time at your own pace.

§ Intense group interaction: Spending 10 intensive days in a classroom with a select group of peers results in vast knowledge and experience sharing, and forms the basis for long lasting relationships

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the learner will gain competencies to:

§ Learn the concepts of Service Management as a Practice

§ Understand the Service Lifecycle at the core of ITIL

§ Be confident in the general concepts, definitions, key principles and models of ITIL

§ Understand how the Service Management processes and functions contribute to the Service Lifecycle and be able to explain the objectives, scope, concepts, activities, key metrics (KPIs), roles and challenges for all of the ITIL processes

§ Learn how technology enables the Service Lifecycle and how other complimentary guidance align with ITIL

§ Understand implementation considerations, technology and implementation requirements

§ The activities, methods and functions used in each of the Lifecycle processes

§ The application of the processes, activities and functions to achieve operational excellence

§ How to measure performance

§ The challenges, critical success factors and risks involved in implementing and improving service management


§ ITIL Foundation certification or ITIL v2 Foundation plus ITIL V3 Foundation Bridge certifications

§ Students must complete the associated self-paced study course sections prior to attending the Lifecycle classroom portion of these classes completion will be verified via ITpreneurs LMS systems.

§ There is no minimum requirement but a basic IT literacy and around 2 years IT experience are highly desirable.

§ Students should also complete a personal study for the complete set of courses by reviewing the course syllabi and the associated areas of the ITIL Service Management Practice core guidance, in particular the Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement publications, in preparation for the examinations.


This program will be of particular interest to:

§ IT professionals who could be IT managers or consultants looking to use the breadth of the ITIL framework and developing a proper understanding of the key functions and processes of ITIL.

§ Professionals who would like to widen and deepen their knowledge, particularly those who are ambitious to grow into managerial oriented positions. Example: IT Manager, Process Owner, ITSM Implementer, ITIL Consultants.

Examination Information

Exam vouchers will be issued upon completion of the Bootcamp. The vouchers will allow learners to book exams after the Bootcamp at a time and location convenient to them with their own Proctor.

Each exam is a closed book exam with eight (8) multiple choice, scenario-based, gradient scored questions. Duration is 90 minutes.

Each question will have 4 possible answer options, one of which is worth 5 marks, one which is worth 3 marks, one which is worth 1 mark, and one which is a distracter and achieves no marks.

Course Structure

Stage 1 Self-Paced E-Learning

Self- paced e-learning study, Modules SS, SD, ST, SO, and CSI. E-learning provides an intuitive and learner centric method to learn the key concepts and theory of ITIL. The Virtual Instructor is available for support via e-mail and scheduled telephone calls.

Stage 2 Interactive Classroom Sessions

The students and the instructor will meet for an 10 days intensive training session. The emphasis will be on the practical application of the material through exercises, quizzes, assignment and group discussions.

§ Intensive classroom training workshop where the Modules are covered.

§ Exam preparation training is included in the classroom workshop

Stage 3 Post-study

Students can take the time to review all the course materials and then organize the exams when they are ready.

Stage 4 Certification Exams

Students can take the exams at a time and location convenient to them; these can be organized by the students themselves.