Presentation Skills – Stand & Deliver!




To highlight a range of skills and good practice to enable the development and delivery of effective presentations.



By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • State the 3 Stages in giving a presentation;


  • Identify how to develop and prepare a presentation ‘from scratch’;


  • State some of the keys to practicing a presentation in the right way;


  • State the 3 Golden Rules of delivering a presentation;


  • Identify good practice in relation to using basic visual aids;


  • Identify how to best reflect upon and review a presentation;


  • State the range of memory aids and select the most appropriate for you;


  • Highlight the difference between an Aim and an Objectives and practice developing them;


  • State techniques to assist with the perception of a positive personal impact;


  • Identify the range of Learning Styles and become aware of your own;


  • Prepare and practice a number of brief presentations and receive feedback.


  • Note key learning points and any specific activities on your Action Plan.


Please note: At the end of this session delegates will be asked to prepare and practice a 15-20-minute presentation on a subject of their own choice (preferably an appropriate work-related topic) to deliver to the group on Day Two.


Style of the Course

A mixture of training methods will be used including group activities and exercises, group discussion, some individual work, action planning and direct input from the Trainer.



1 Day.