Prosci Change Management Certification Program


Prosci’s research reveals that one of the greatest contributors to successful change is the use of structured change management approach. This intensive and interactive program quickly builds your competency in applying a structured change management approach for implementing change in your workplace. During the program, work on your own change project and apply the tools and techniques you learn as you go. Develop an outline of a change management plan that can be implemented back at your workplace right away.


Who Should Attend

The Prosci Change Management Certification Program is intended for individuals who require a detailed knowledge of a structured approach and toolset for developing and implementing changes. Typical participants include:

  • Change management practitioners
  • Change leaders
  • Project managers
  • Project team members
  • Continuous improvement and lean methodology consultants
  • HR business partners
  • Organization development professionals
  • Communication specialists
  • IT professionals


Why Attend

Participants will:

  • Understand how effective change management improves business results
  • Be able to explain the business case for addressing the “people side of change”
  • Learn how to apply a research-based change management methodology and online eToolkit
  • Practice applying the Prosci ADKAR model to support individual change
  • Develop a change management plan for a real project and an executive presentation that articulates the business case for investing in change management
  • Gain certification in the internationally recognized Prosci change management methodology


Program Materials

Every participant receives:

  • ADKAR: A Model for Change in Business, Government and Our Community
  • Program workbook, assessments and handouts
  • Change Management: The People Side of Change
  • Prosci Benchmarking Report: Best Practices in Change Management
  • Employee Survival Guide to Change
  • A one-year subscription to the Prosci Practitioner eToolkit


Program Content

Change management overview

  • Develop compelling answers to the question “Why change management?”
  • Explore the connection between effectively applying change management and achieving business results
  • Gain new insights by reviewing Prosci’s Best Practices in Change Management Report

Change concepts

  • Develop your understanding of seven fundamental change concepts

Change management process

  • Learn the benefits of using a structured approach to support individual and organizational change
  • Apply the Prosci ADKAR model to support individual change
  • Understand how to use the Prosci 3-phase change management process to support organizational change

Preparing for change

  • Define the change management strategy for your change project
  • Identify the change management team structure required to support the project
  • Develop the sponsorship model necessary to ensure successful implementation of the change

Managing change

Begin developing five change management plans for your project:

  • Communication plan
  • Sponsor roadmap
  • Coaching plan
  • Resistance management plan
  • Training plan

Reinforcing change

  • Understand how to collect and analyze feedback to assess implementation success
  • Learn how to diagnose gaps and manage resistance to the change
  • Understand the importance of taking corrective action and celebrating successes

Next steps

  • Identify the next steps to apply your change management strategy and plans