Prosci Change Management

Prosci is an acknowledged world leader in change management research and their change management methodology has become one of the most widely used approaches for managing the people side of change in organizations. Over 45,000 individuals have been certified in the use of the Prosci methodology and 80 percent of Fortune 100 companies use the structured and repeatable approach for managing change in their organizations.

The word Prosci is pronounced pro-sigh, and is derived from the first syllable in the words Professional and Science. Prosci began conducting research in 1994 with the goal of understanding how to effectively help people embrace and adopt change. The research has produced the world’s largest body of knowledge on change management and drives the ongoing development of Prosci’s methodology and supporting tools.

JODAYN is proud to be an Authorized Training Provider for Prosci’s suite of research-driven, role-based change management training programs. We became a member of Prosci’s Global Affiliate Network in 2018 and provide onsite delivery of Prosci programs for our clients. Please note that we do not offer public, open enrolment programs for individuals.



Prosci Change Management courses: