Strategy Formulation Using Balance Score Cards

This course takes the participants on an intensive 3-day journey starting with the basics of strategy, learning how to formulate great strategies, how to plan for executing these strategies, and practical ways for the best chances for success.


§ Persons in positions of leadership and supervisory responsibility in the public and private sector

§ Minimum work experience of 6 – 10 years

§ Minimum educational background of a Bachelor’s degree

Course Content

This course balances:

§ Group activities and special events (thought-provoking exercises, practice sessions, and business case discussions, approximately 60% of the time)

§ Presentations and framework-based knowledge (lectures, methodologies and frameworks, and case studies, approximately 40% of the time)

Day 1: Basics of Strategy and Balanced Score Card (BSC) Anatomy

§What is Strategy?

§Why is BSC a critical part of developing a strategy?

§Understanding and defining Value

§Vision & Mission

§Perspectives & Themes

§Strategic Assets

§Strategy Maps

§Goals and Objectives

§Objectives, Time Plan, and Performance Indicators

§Initiatives and Prioritization

§Organizational Alignment

Day 2: Formulating a BSC Strategy: Process and Tools

§Learning the Facts by conducting critical Organizational Health Assessments

§PESTEL & SWOT Analysis

§Leadership Team and its Role

§BSC Development Process & Methodology

§Accuracy in Understanding the Context

§Diagnosing Reality

§Navigating Conflicting Goals towards Sustainable Success

Day 3: Formulating a BSC Strategy: Preparing for Execution

§Strategic Positions & How to Select them

§Strategic Assets

§Sustainable Success Methodology

§Creating a Transformation Agenda & Roadmap

§Prioritizing Objectives

§Introduction to Metrics, Measures and KPI Targets

§Selecting Initiatives & Programs

§Organizational Cascading & Alignment

§The Performance Measurement Capability Maturity Model

§Office of Strategy Management (OSM)

§Critical Success Factors and Pitfalls of OSM

§Review of the BSC Execution Premium Model

Course Format

§Course will be conducted in English with translation of key terminology where necessary into Arabic

§Course is conducted on three consecutive days. The 3 days of the course are divided into 6 modules. Each module starts with a special interactive event followed by debriefing and discussion, followed by limited lecture for the purpose of theoretical framing of the methodologies and knowledge objective

§The interactive events are uniquely designed to simulate a variety of real-life situations and to allow participants to acquire learning based on hands-on participation. These special events enable the participants to model autonomy, responsibility, and action within a limited context that may involve:

§ Creativity & innovation

§ Teamwork & collaboration

§ Communication & presentation

§ Decision-making, ethical questions, trade-offs, and planning

§ Discipline in execution and time management

§ Introspection, personal growth & self-expression

§These special events are amusing and fun yet provocative and memorable. Each event has a hidden agenda to motivate the learning objectives and the facilitated group discussions that follow

About the trainer

Dr. Hany Atchan is a trainer, an executive coach, a pragmatic leader, and a seasoned executive consultant with over 30 years of experience, merging western management, leadership, and methodologies with culturally-grounded insight and change management practice from the Middle East. He has conducted similar courses for the last 20 years in the USA, Europe, Japan, S. Korea, and the Middle East. His engaging style and experiential learning approach deliver practical lessons and knowledge retention that far surpass other styles of presentations and training formats.

Course Organization Logistics:

§ Classroom with U-shaped seating arrangement

§ Whiteboard, projector, flipchart

§ 16 students maximum

§ Course runs 09:00 – 5:00 each day

Registration Information

Telephone +966.1.4661406
Fax: +966.1.4661398