User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Workshop

The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) workshop offers training on the methods and procedures required by staff who is engaged in the acceptance phase of an IT project. With the increasing emphasis on the involvement of user staff in the sign-off of systems into production, it is now essential to ensure that they are equipped with the right concepts, solid background, and effective techniques for a successful acceptance.

Why UAT? 

  • Reduce cost


  • Increase the quality of the final product


  • Reduce risks and last minute surprises


  • Reduce time-to-market


  • Reduce the gap between business and IT


Workshop Objectives

  • Organization Level Objectives


  • Spread the knowledge and know-how about UAT among the different stockholders involved in any project


  • Equip the organization staff with UAT tools to enable them from executing UAT in a structured scientific manner to guaranty maximum quality


  • Spread the team spirit among team members


  • Individual Level Objectives


  • Learn and practice UAT concepts and procedures


  • Learn how to plan and execute UAT


  • Learn how to write test cases and test scripts


  • Learn how to relate UAT to project management and overall project progress


  • Learn how to report and evaluate UAT


  • Learn how to prepare Test Data


  • Learn how to define user acceptance criteria and their role in testing


  • Learn how to identify test conditions and assess risks


  • Learn how to carry out testing in a structured, practical and cost effective manner


Who should attend 

The target audience for the UAT workshop includes but is not limited to:

  • Project Managers


  • Product & e-Services Managers


  • Business analysts


  • Quality Engineers


  • Employees


  • Business Subject Matter Experts


  • UAT Testers


Course Content 

  • Chapter 1: The Terminology of Testing


  • Chapter 2: UAT Overview


  • Chapter 3: UAT – Planning


  • Chapter 4: UAT Execution


  • Chapter 5: Evaluating UAT


  • Chapter 6: UAT Human Factor


  • Chapter 7: Business Processes-Based UAT


  • Chapter 8: Regression Testing


What is included in the package 

  • 3-days Workshop (theory and hands-on experience)


  • Course Material, templates and exercises (Arabic delivery)


  • Workshop equipped venue


  • Arabic language delivery


  • Lunch & refreshments