Voice Over IP Security

As voice over IP (VoIP) systems are vulnerable to the same threats as data networks – like viruses, identity theft, spam, fraud, privacy invasion, and denial of service attacks –, aim of this training is to teach programmers, software architects, network engineers and project managers to the VoIP security features, the various security issues of VoIP, and most importantly the best practices to support risk mitigation.

VoIP security is introduced at the raw protocol level, concentrating on attack methodologies that are used against the most popular VoIP protocols. Participants will not only be able to choose and use the appropriate standards and best practices, but will also be prepared to fix the occurring vulnerabilities by applying the relevant countermeasures.


Developers and architects of VoIP technologies




§ VoIP architectures and protocols

§ Threats and attacks

§ Vulnerabilities and countermeasures